Local Love Night Application

We host a series of fundraisers called "Local Love Nights," which celebrate and benefit local Orlando non-profits doing real, tangible good. We connect local artists & local foundations together with the sole purpose to grow the awareness of both. 

We commission local artists to make backdrops unique to each event and our partners at Macbeth Studio live-post photos in front of the custom artistic backdrop.

We carefully consider each application which takes us a few weeks to narrow down to the 2-3 organizations we collaborate with yearly. 

If you feel your organization would benefit from our collaboration and meet the following criteria, please fill out the form below.

*Note: Please only fill out the form if ALL the following criteria are met:

  • Your organization is a 501(c)3 nonprofit licensed for business in the State of Florida
  • The cause you represent is based in the Greater Orlando Area
  • Volunteers will be available to assist if we select you for an event
  • A representative from your organization is available to work side by side with us on organizing all the details of the event. 



Before each event, we host an "Influencer Shoot," which brings together stakeholders to help us promote the event to the people most likely to care about the cause.

The night of the event, we create a high-energy atmosphere that encourages people to give generously and promote the event and the cause, generating maximum awareness and fund-raising.

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